LG Fashion Week Spring 2011; Backstage beauty report: Lovas

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By Karen Kwan We were at the
Lovas runway show at Montreal Fashion Week just a couple of weeks ago, and got the lowdown on how the Cover Girl and Pantene pros pulled together the look for the label. Eye were done in either bright pink or green and the hairstyle was inspired by modern-day Paris—a chic, young look with teased out curls tucked underneath to make a faux-bob. So we were curious to see how the Lovas look would change for LG Fashion Week with the
L’Oréal beauty team:
Makeup Eyes were the focus once again, with pink and green eyeshadows—although this time around they were both used together. Eddie Malter applied the pink from L’Oréal HIP High Intensity Pigments Brazen 118 all over the lid, with the duo’s brown shade in the crease at the outer corners. Then, to line the lower lash line, he used L’Oréal HIP High Intensity Pigments in Riotous 328, and completed the eyes with several coats of L’Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes.
Create the chic faux-bob with tips after the jump!

Hair "This look is one of my favourites from this week," says Eric Del Monaco. "It’s an exaggerated, Marlene Dietrich-inspired, glamorous, textured bob. It’s more of an artistic look for us to work on,’ he says. He sectioned off the hair at the nape of the neck and backcombed it to create a cushion shape that was then bobby pinned underneath. Then the rest of the hair, with the exception of a big diagonal section on the left, was curled using a double-prong curling iron to create ‘S’ shape curls and then loosely secured at the nape as well.
As for that diagonal section on the left, Eric curled it as well but left to hang loosely, to create an exaggerated angle, giving an asymmetrical shape to the overall hairstyle. So, which Lovas look do you prefer, the one from
Montreal or Toronto?

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