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I love being blond. I’ve tried going brunette twice and both times missed my
blonde hair instantly. The one downside to blond hair? The upkeep. Especially in the summer. But I’ve found two ways to keeping the colour super fresh, light and that perfect shade of blond. Read on for my secrets!

1. Use a clarifying shampoo The last time I had my hair coloured, my stylist mentioned that I had some major buildup in my hair fro products. At the time, I had a wee bit of an addiction to dry shampoos. Her reco? A good clarifying shampoo (see 8 of our favourites
here) once per week to get a good clean in. The unexpected result that I found? It really boosted my highlights each week after using the clarifying shampoo, moths after getting them done.
2. Go in for a toner session Let’s face it, blond hair is expensive when it comes to the constant upkeep. And I don’t always have the time to go in every few months for touch ups. What I do have time for? A 10-15 minute toner rise to brighten and liven up my current highlights again. It’s my new favourite way to boost my blonde hair without the huge commitment.
How do you look after your hair colour?
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