Jared Leto: In praise of the man-bun

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jared-leto-golden-globes-man-bunImage courtesy of Keystone.

The hair that stole the show
last night at the Golden Globes? Jared Leto’s. I’ve posted about my hair crush on him before (
read it here), but Jared took home not only a statue but also top honors for his man-bun/man-ponytail hybrid. Let’s dissect it, shall we? His shiny locks are still intact, just slicked tightly back. I’ll admit, I’m a tad envious of how shiny his hair always is. There’s just the right amount of
ombré hair sticking out at the bottom making you wonder if it’s a bun or a ponytail. Intrigue. It’s also how I wore my hair in high school for a solid year … so technically Jared and I now have a solid connection. Who else can sport the man-bun/man-ponytail hybrid with groomed facial hair and accept an award while talking about Brazilian waxes? No one.
Brad Pitt and his usual lame attempt at the man-bun doesn’t even come close (sorry, Brad). Jared’s bun is secured not in the usual
topknot style that guys are pulling off these days (think Jake Gyllenhaal, Colin Farrell), but more in the middle. Seriously, I could do this all day long (in fact I almost have, since it’s close to 5 pm).
What do you think of Jared’s man-bun?
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