Hard to deny the fact that fall is knocking at our door! And what better way to welcome it in style than with a refreshing new haircolour, one that you can apply from the comfort of your own home! New to at-home haircolouring? No worries! We’ve got all the information you need to make the experience a brilliant success.

With Kim, Garnier’s haircolour specialist, and her team of experts, at-home haircolouring has never been so easy! They’re available online to help you make the perfect haircolour choice and are a wealth of information on all things haircolour. Just visit garnier.ca/kim for your personalized consultation and be prepared to usher in fall in an irresistible new shade!

Haircolouring must-asks!

In order to make the perfect haircolour choice, it is essential that you ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have natural or colour-treated hair?
If you have natural hair, you can go up to two shades lighter or darker. If you have colour-treated hair, however, you must remember that one haircolour will not lighten another haircolour, which means you’ll need to pre-lighten with bleach (call us at 1-888-GARNIER if you require guidance on the bleaching process).

Are you looking for grey coverage?
If your answer is yes, we suggest that you choose between Garnier Belle Color and Garnier Nutrisse Cream (the latter offers 100% grey coverage, should you think you need it). If you have no grey hair, feel free to use any Garnier haircolour brand.

What end colour result are you after?
It’s important to determine your desired colour tone before deciding on a particular shade. Here are some tone basics: if you’re looking for a cooler colour result, we recommend that you opt for an ash tone; if you’re in search of a warmer result, a golden or mahogany tone is probably your best bet; and if you’re just after a natural-looking result, a neutral tone is right up your alley.

Taking home the right box
To find the right haircolour for you, read the box carefully. You’ll find a colour chart on most boxes, which will give you a good idea of what end results to expect, given your present haircolour (always remember the cardinal rule of haircolour: you can’t lighten hair that is already coloured!). Another great way to see what kind of colour results are in store for you? Do a strand test (you’ll find the test directions in the instruction sheet). It’s quick, easy and, most importantly, you won’t be in for any haircolour surprises!

Time to leaf it up!
With these important questions answered and all this info fresh in your mind, now the world of Garnier haircolour is yours to explore. So get started! I mean, what better way to greet such a colourful season than with a radiant new shade all your own?!

Go to www.garnier.ca/kim for your personalized consultation or call 1-888-GARNIER.