You need to:

Shrink a blemish

It’s date night and your skin isn’t cooperating. If you’ve got your dermatologist on speed-dial and he’s got time to fit you in right away, go in to have him inject the pimple with cortisone‹this is how celebs get their breakouts treated on Hollywood movie sets. “You can see results within hours,” says Dr. Benjamin Barankin, a dermalogist based in Toronto. If you can’t make it into see your derm and are in a real rush, localized heating devices designed for use at home such as Tanda will help to dry out the blemish. And if you don’t own one? Barankin suggests using hot water to gently warm up a teaspoon. Apply the warm teaspoon directly onto the pimple for 15 seconds every minute for 10 minutes (re-warm the spoon when it starts to cool off). “The heat works in the same way to help
dissipate the acne quickly.”

Volumize your mane

hairstyle’s fallen flat and you have only a minute to amp it up. “Flip your head upside down and massage at the roots with your fingertips‹like you’re backcombing it,” says Justin German, lead stylist and co-owner of Shagg Salon in Toronto. “Spray a little hairspray — nothing too stiff, use a flexible hold hairspray‹while flipped upside down, and when you toss back your hair, it will look more voluminous.”

Minimize puffy eyes

You’ve got two quickie options for depuffing eyes in a snap. Preparation H‹yes, the hemorrhoid cream‹has constrictive properties so if you have a tube handy, dab on a small amount before a party, says Barankin. “Another option is to take a warm tea bag and apply it onto your closed eyes for five minutes,” he says. “Tea contains polyphenols, which offer a soothing, constrictive effect on swelling.”

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Style your hair in seconds
You can cut minutes from your morning beauty regime to make that annoying early morning meeting on time. Here’s how it’s done: First, prep in advance. “Wet your hair and braid it from front to back the night before and when it’s dry the next day, shake out the braid and run your hands through it,” says Anthony Ingraldi, co-owner of Toronto’s Hair on the Avenue. “You’ll have soft, beachy waves.” Interested in a more glam look? For soft, loose curls, he suggests blow drying your hair at night and setting it into pin curls before you go to bed.

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