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make-your-nails-appear-longerThese almond shape nails for Fall 2014 are what I dream of. Image courtesy of

Still trying to get your nails to grow long enough to finally get that coveted, on-trend almond shape? Join the club – I’ve been trying to get my usual slightly rounded, square-ish nails to do the same. The trick for me is to get them long enough in the first place. Until I finally get to my desired length, Melissa Forrest, nail pro for
Sally Hansen, gave me some pointers on how to get my
nails to grow faster and, at the very least, fake that they look longer. Here are her three secrets.

Keep nails protected: So many of us try to grow longer nails, only to have the
nails break or chip when we’re oh-so-close to our ideal length. “Wear a gel polish, like Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish,” suggests Forrest. “Not every gel polish is like this one, but the Salon Gel Polish is actually formulated with nourishing vitamins that help protect nails while they grow out leaving less changes for catches, tears or breakage of nails.”
Do an empty moon: “If you want to make your nails appear longer (and already have some length), wearing an empty moon is a great little trick!” says Forrest. “It creates the illusion of a cuticle that sits further back, thus elongating the nail bed. I do recommend avoiding the moon mani though if your nails are shorter, as it won’t have the same elongated effect.”
Use nail art to fake it: “From a nail art perspective, you can also rock a line mani (straight fine line down the middle using a complementary or contradictory shade), which also helps give nails that elongated look and feel,” says Forrest.
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