How to look like Frankenstein’s Bride?

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Tom Pecheux-Haider-Ackermann-PFWTom Pecheux backstage at Haider Ackermann Fall Winter 2015.

While makeup artists and hair stylists are typically complimentary about the designers they’re working for, there’s one designer who clearly makes them a little nervous—in a good way.  When an industry veteran like
Tom Pecheux is gushing about working with someone, you take notice. With a boyish grin, he tells me it’s his first time backstage with
Haider Ackermann. “I’ve been dying to work with him for a long time,” he adds. “He’s asked me to work with him in the beginning but I couldn’t because I was always doing another show at the same time. Today I feel like a little kid going to school and learning from the master… I feel like a vampire, ready to suck some fresh blood!”
What’s the number 1 lesson he’s gleaned so far from Haider Ackermann and what’s the story behind the makeup and this Frankenstein-esque bedhead look?

Haider-Ackermann-makeup-pfw“To be very precise,” said Pecheux. “In French we have this expression.. hmm, I won’t say it because it can be twisted in a wrong way, let’s say he’s extremely precise and he questions himself on everything… My duty is to learn from Haider. He’s a master. It’s the
Haider Ackermann show and I’m very happy to be a piece of the puzzle.”
How to get the look: “We wanted very fair skin and to create texture using the Paintstick Pure White for highlights near the eyes and on the bone structure. There’s a
little bit of contouring, but the eyes and brows are completely nude. For the lips, we mixed two M.A.C products—Mid-tone Nude and Magenta Lip Mix—to create this very specific colour for Haider. He wanted it to be a powdery nude rose colour that is very matte. I think it’s a very feminine colour and the texture is very unique. I think the look still feels very romantic, very fresh and very soft. I know people call me the “king of natural” and I don’t know if I like that title because I do like to do crazy things as well, but that said, I’m happy to be good at something. I think the girls look extremely beautiful and fragile. The makeup needed to be soft and gentle because the hair was so powerful; so intense. When I first saw the stitches I thought it was because of a brain injury! But then I saw the stitches in the collection and it made sense.”
Haider-Ackermann-Frankenstein bedhead-pfwSo what’s behind the Frankenstein-bedhead created by Aveda Guest Artist, Kamo? “Very simple punk, after the party, go to bed, in the morning,” explains the Tokyo-based stylist. So it’s bedhead? “Yes. The clothes have stitching on them so we extended that to the hair. The stitches are applied randomly so they look like a scar from a surgery. A little bit scary, but it fits the clothes. It was Haider’s idea.”
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