Bump into any beauty editor or stylista in Toronto and chances are her digits will be decked out with half-moons. We checked in with Leeanne Colley, owner of
Tips Nail Bar in Toronto, on how to pull off this
nail job at home. We were thrilled to find out that it’s not as hard as we expected it to be.

Tip #1 Stock up on paper-hole reinforcements (the kind you last used in high school to reinforce the holes in your loose-leaf paper) and/or the stickers from a French manicure kit—you’ll use these to create a stencil on your nails in the shape of moon. However, keep in mind that these tools aren’t great for doing a two-tone mani. “It can take at least 30 minutes for your polish to dry enough to place the sticker on your nail, so it just becomes too time consuming,” says Leeanne.
Tip #2 The one-colour half-moon mani (with a clear moon) is the simplest to do on your own. Stick a paper reinforcement on each of your nails and paint the area above with your nail colour. Remove the reinforcements and apply a top coat over your entire nail.