If you’re shopping for stocking stuffers in the beauty aisle this holiday season, be sure to personalize your choices. To help narrow your search, check our personalized holiday gifts in our beauty guide:

1. Beauty stocking stuffers for the naturalist

The naturalist in your life is usually focused on entirely natural and
organic skincare and makeup, and would appreciate a thoughtful stocking stuffer suited to them. Spring for something totally clean and chemical-free for this type of beauty:

Weleda’s Skin Food with Moisturizing Gloves


Weleda Skin Food with Moisturizing Glove ($20, at weleda.ca)

This deep, hydrating cream uses sunflower seed oil and extracts of organic chamomile, rosemary leaf and calendula flower to penetrate deep into the skin overnight. The cream alone is one of the most hydrating formulations we have tested, and the gloves seal the deal for ultimate nighttime hydration for hands. Pick up Skin Food at Whole Foods, Noah’s Natural Foods and other select health and drug stores.

Consonant’s Antioxidant Superhero Serum


Consonant Antioxidant Superhero Serum ($63, at consonantbody.com)

Not only is Consonant created and produced in Canada, this line’s products are also formulated with organic botanical ingredients designed to synergize with the body’s natural chemistry. Instead of covering up skin problems in the short-term, we like that Consonant is focused on long-term, high-quality skincare that works. Packed with vitamins A, C and E (read: skin vitamins), Superhero Serum helps protect and rebuild collagen and because of its mattifying properties, it has the added bonus of doubling as a primer.

2. Beauty stocking stuffers for the socialite beauty buff

These beauty types are usually party hopping the whole month of December, so they need
innovative beauty products to help them make a statement on the soiree circuit (and help them recover from one too many late nights):

Velvet Eyes by Dior


Dior Velvet Eyes Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches ($59, at sephora.com)

One of the coolest new products to hit beauty shelves is not makeup per se; it’s actually appliqué eyeliner. With four daring designs to choose from, the beauty adventurer in your life will love these so much she’ll have a tough time choosing which one to sport for this year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Face Pads

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Face Pads ($40, at elizabethgrant.com)

For one of the most luxurious masks on the market, pick up Elizabeth Grant’s collagen face pads to rejuvenate any party girl’s complexion. The pads are collagen-soaked face cloths that can be left on the skin for up to an hour for visible hydrating, firming and smoothing effects. Used before a night on the town or before bed, these face pads from Elizabeth Grant are a cult favourite for good reason: They work!

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3. Beauty stocking stuffers for the minimalist
Minimalists appreciate high quality beauty products and wear them sparingly. Instead of leaving the house with a “look,” minimalists let their natural complexion shine through and opt for just subtle touches of gloss and mascara. Here are a couple of amazing basics for the minimalist beauties in your life:

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Lip Balm
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Lip Balm (available at Whole Foods, Loblaw’s and select health food stores across the country)

One of the more emollient lip balms we’ve tried, this all-natural lip conditioner from Thursday Plantation helps prevent infections and cold sores which tend to pop up during harsh winter weather.

Skyn Iceland’s Icelandic Relief Eye Pen
Skyn Iceland’s Icelandic Relief Eye Pen ($20, at skiniceland.com)

Available in Canada exclusively at The Bay, Skyn Iceland is a new line focused on the correlation between stress levels and skin condition. For a beauty minimalist, we love the Icelandic Relief Eye Pen that minimizes puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles with Vitamin K, rice peptides, orange peel and Icelandic kelp. As minimalists don’t product overload, this sleek pen will fit into a paired down beauty regimen with ease.

4. Beauty stocking stuffers for the scent-savvy
You know the ones; the incense burning, signature scent devoted beauties who are connoisseurs on all things aromatic. These women can be hard to buy for so here are our top stocking stuffer picks to help you out — and keep in mind — packaging is typically just as important as product in the case of the scent-savvy beauty:

Jo Malone Travel Candle Collection
Jo Malone Travel Candle Collection (available at jomalone.com)

This candle trio can best be described as cozy (in fact Jo Malone herself calls it “toasty”). It includes mini-sized travel candles in her addictive Pomegranate Noir, Roasted Chestnut and Pine & Eucalyptus scents that are completely in sync with the holiday season at hand.

Marc Jacobs Rollerball Trio of fragrance
Marc Jacobs Rollerball Trio fragrance set ($38, at sephora.com)

This perfume trio comes with a small size of Daisy, Lola and Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau de Parfums. The adorable packaging and mix and match-ability of this stocking stuffer is guaranteed to send eyes and noses into sensory overdrive.

If you’re in the market to buy beauty products this holiday season, give some thought to the beauty regimen you’re buying for and tailor your gifts and stocking stuffers accordingly.

Whether buying for a Naturalist, Adventurer, Minimalist, Scent-savvy or other kind of unique beauty, your gift is sure to shine if you put in that extra thought that counts.

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