Holiday Hair That Looks Like You Care: Get The Sleek, Modern Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2013 Double French Roll

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  Karlie Kloss Here’s why I’m advocating the hair from Carolina Herrera’s Fall/Winter 2013 show as a great holiday party option: if you are too hungover/exhausted/lazy/etc to wash it but still need to look fab, this is a look that works on day old straight hair – and gives the impression that you made a major effort too. Granted, the modern take on a double French roll was created by hair master Orlando Pita, so you may not find it quite as easy to whip together as he did. But let’s not get caught up on details. Look how gorgeous Karlie Kloss looks. We want that. Take it away Orlo!

Carolina-Herrera-FW13-7 “I started by parting the hair down the middle to create two sections, and a third, which started behind the ear, up to the crown, and down to behind the ear on the other side. After lightly backcombing (about 2 inches from the root) for models with fine hair, I took each front part, rolled it very tightly, and pinned the roll at its seam as well as behind the ear. "I then took strands remaining at the end of the rolls, twisted and crisscrossed them at ear level and pinned to serve as a focal point to secure hair that would be rolled up from the remaining back section. Finally, I raised the back sections slightly above the nape, rolled them tight but a bit wider than in the front, then tucked them in and pinned.” “I used Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream on my fingers and applied it to any flyways or loose strands, so that the hair stayed sleek and perfect and to finish I gave the hair a very light misting of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray for extra luminosity and shine.”
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