Party season is here, which means after-work cocktails, family get-togethers and more than a few late nights celebrating the festive season. While it’s great news for your social calendar (you love seeing your Blackberry blink with reminders), your skin may not be quite so cheerful. Especially if you’ve been clocking in less than adequate snoozing hours, a few more glasses of chardonnay than usual and may have even gone to bed without taking off your makeup (be honest, we’ve all committed this cardinal beauty sin). Thankfully with a little help from the beauty Gods, you can hide your skin care party sins. We chatted with Stephanie Anne Daga, makeup and hair artist and owner of BlushPretty: Makeup Hair Artistry, and Dr. Jason Rivers, a clinical professor of dermatology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, to find out how to help your skin care post-party.

Problem: I want to hide my dark circles

Solution: Concealer is your best friend when it comes to getting rid of the dreaded raccoon eyes. “Look for a concealer that provides ample coverage and isn’t too sheer, but at the same time is creamy and lightweight,” explains Daga. “Heavy concealers can look cakey, only emphasizing the problem.” Even better find a concealer with light-reflecting pigment that will help to brighten
underneath the eyes. One of Daga’s favourites is YSL’s Touche Eclat that both masks discoloration and brightens.

Problem: My skin isn’t glowing anymore

Solution: Forget pricey oxygen facials or drinking tons of water, as both won’t do much for getting a glow or hydrating the skin instantly. Instead be kind with your skin and use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, says Dr. Rivers, who suggests using both
in combination with a serum. “A serum with vitamin C can help tighten the skin and reestablish collagen over time,” he explains. For more immediate results makeup is your best bet. An illuminating foundation used over the nose and cheek area can help bring life back to your skin, says Daga. “A great bronzer and blush is always a foolproof one-two punch in faking a healthy complexion,” admits Daga. “Stick with a non-shimmer bronzer for a more natural look.”

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Problem: I’m breaking out
If you’ve woken up with annoying pimple or can tell one is coming on, switch to a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide in it, suggests Dr. Rivers. When it comes to hiding a zit with makeup Daga suggests first bringing down the swelling with ice and using Visine on a cotton swab to help with the redness. “Once you’ve got both swelling and redness under control, cover it up,” says Daga. “Dot on your concealer, lightly blend and then set with powder.”

Problem: I have puffy eyes
There’s a simple trick Dr. Rivers likes for de-puffing the eyes. “Take warm tea bags (not hot), squeeze them out a bit and gently place them on the eyes for about five minutes,” he explains. Another trick Daga uses is taking two teaspoons and placing them in the freezer for 10 minutes. “Apply to your eyes until they return to room temperature,” says Daga. If you’re looking for fast soothing relief an eye-roller wand with serum can be beneficial. And when it comes to your makeup, the lighter the better. “Stay away from darker shadows or you’ll look like you were part of a bar brawl!” exclaims Daga. “Try to brighten them up by using a neutral shadow over the lid and plenty of mascara.”

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