Get a gorgeous evening look that will make you feel glamorous and elegant all night long. Created by freelance make up artist Alie Johnson, find the style that matches your personality and get a radiant holiday beauty look that will definitely leave you sparkling.

The sophisticate
Become a golden goddess. An allover soft golden glow is perfect for the holiday season. Gold evokes a warm and festive mood, but also gives off a sexy sparkle that is truly glamorous. Think bronzes, peaches and apricot shades for this holiday beauty look.

How to get the look:
Play up the eyes. With a soft brown pencil, go along the lash line and blend with a brush or q-tip. On the eyelids use a bronze shadow. Finish by applying a bit of light golden shimmer shadow in the corners of the eyes, this will open and brighten the entire face. For extra drama and sophistication add false eyelashes.

Leave the cheeks and lips radiant with a hint of natural shimmer by using sheer colours in the same colour family. For example use a sheer red lip colour, like soft brick, which will add a healthy colour and balance out the face. Finish with a bronzer or a warm peachy blush on the apples of the cheeks to get a nice sun kissed glow.

The classic
Give yourself a standout pout. One of the hottest holiday beauty looks this season is a strong mouth, seen on the runways at Gucci and Valentino and on starlets like Scarlett Johansson and Kiera Knightly.

How to get the look:
When creating this look, the key is to keep the face natural and simple. Sweep the eyes with a plum or aubergine shadow, to create a monochromatic feel, dusting the cheeks in a similar tone.

Making your perfect pout last is often the challenge. Apply liner in the same colour as the lipstick and blend the entire lip. This helps create a layer of colour across the lips, allowing for longer wear. Next blot the lips with a light powder, which will help make your lipstick last. Now you can apply the lip colour on top with a lip brush and blend.

The perfect lip hue is a rich Bordeaux, but other sexy colours for the holidays include brick red or a dark berry gloss for a hint of shimmer.

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The sexy siren
Let your eyes do the talking with this dramatic and sexy look. Concentrate on the eyes, using rich, bold colours like navy, plums, greys and charcoals. Keep the lips soft and pale, allowing the eyes to pop.

How to get the look:
When creating dramatic eyes it’s best to start with them first, as flecks of dark colour have the potential to wreck a freshly powdered face.

A quad of colours designed for smoky eyes

is perfect to use. The palette will contain four colours in the same family, which will compliment and blend well together. Begin by applying the lightest shade all over the eyelids. Line the bottom eyelid with an eye pencil and blend with a q-tip to create a smudge and soften the line. Then brush the middle shade right along the brow bone, blending down onto the eyelid.

Using the darkest shade, blend the colour into the crease and on the eyelid. Line the upper lid with the darkest colour, blending well. For more drama use an eye pencil or liquid liner. Curl eyelashes with an eyelash curler and apply mascara on both the top and bottom lashes. For extreme sexiness add a pair of false eyelashes.

Finish with a pale lipstick or gloss in nude or pink tones.

The edgy
Make a statement with winged liner. Liner was seen all over the runways this fall including Versace and Alexander McQueen. When balanced with a natural, bare face, winged liner looks artsy, edgy and very cool. Lips should be left naked, except a touch a lip balm.

How to get the look:
A steady hand definitely helps, but there are a few tricks you can use to get a straight line. First start with a black eye liner pencil to draw the wing shape. Using a pencil makes it easy to clean up mistakes and perfect the line. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, trace your upper lash line with black liquid liner, making the line thicker as you extend it. Keep a q-tip handy for quick touch ups if your line gets a little too thick. Line up slightly past the outer corner of the eye.

The rest of the face should be kept to a minimal. Dust the cheeks with a soft powder and finish with a tasty lip balm.

Freelance makeup artist Alie Johnson has been doing makeup for over 10 years, working at companies such as Aveda and MAC cosmetics where she was a MAC artist for five years. She also was a makeup artist for Champions Athletic wear campaign and catalog. Specializing in beauty, fashion and bridal makeup, Alie hopes to make the transition into print and editorial.

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