Holiday beauty: 5 rules for wearing sparkle this winter

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Everyone wants to wear
shimmer makeup for the holidays, but how do you pull off sparkle in a more grown-up way? We spoke to Anna Nenoiu—Professional Makeup Artist at Page One Management in Toronto—to find out exactly how to wear shimmery holiday makeup with maturity and sophistication. The poised look you’re going for? “While bold colors such as blood orange and red look great at fashion shows, more wearable options for shimmer include toned down versions of peach, gold, silver and champagne highlights," says Nenoiu. It’s about choosing something pretty, not OTT, to add to your
holiday lust list.
Catch the top 5 rules YOU need to know for wearing shimmer after the jump…
shimmer-makeup-rules-002The #1 rule for wearing shimmer eye shadow
“Don’t overdo it! Shimmer on the entire eyelid will crease and emphasize wrinkles, so it’s best to apply on the brow bone or on the inside corner of the eyelid,” says Nenoiu. “A vital trick to wearing
metallic eye shadow is using a great eye primer, so the shimmer has something to grip onto, making it easier to control and longer lasting.”
The #1 rule for wearing shimmer lipstick “Golden rule here is to choose one feature of the face when using a shimmer product,” says Nenoiu. If you can’t decide between the eyes, mouth or cheeks, opt for festive lips using this handy tip. “You can add
shimmer lip gloss to any lipstick, just dab a little in the center of the lips to give the illusion of a fuller lip.”
The #1 rule for wearing shimmer blush “Find a blush with very finely ground glitter powder to avoid the disco ball look. Use as a highlighter on the cheekbones and temples,” says Nenoiu. Why try? “Shimmer can play a huge role in elevating the
skin’s luminosity and enhancing your facial features.” (The perfect look for a kiss beneath the mistletoe.)
The #1 rule for wearing shimmer lotion “Keep it soft and apply it on areas of the body you want highlighted: collar bones, shoulders, cleavage and legs. The trick is finding the right product with very delicate, fine shimmer in golden shades because it will compliment all skin tones,” says Nenoiu.
The #1 rule for wearing shimmer nail colour It can be hard to resist, but do not reach for the nail polish with the chunkiest glitter on the shelves–you want to layer your polishes to add a more subtle sparkle. “
Shimmer nail polish shows up best if you prime your nails with a deep shade and then add your choice of sparkle on top,” says Nenoiu.
OVER TO YOU! What’s your holiday beauty regime? Do you wear shimmer makeup? Where do you get your holiday beauty inspiration?
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