The beauty industry is booming with
skin care products that target everything from dry skin, to redness, acne, wrinkles, enlarged pores, unevenness, and protection from environmental free radicals – but what about treating your skin from the inside out? The truth is, what you eat and drink (or don’t) can dramatically affect the appearance of your skin and have an impact on the aging process and healthy skin. We asked Toronto-based registered nutritionist and author of
The Natural Makeover Diet Dr. Joey Shulman to get skin care tips and get the real deal on getting gorgeous (hint: you definitely are what you eat).

Skin care tips: What exactly are "superfoods" for healthy skin?
Here’s a refresher: "Superfoods are foods that contain a real ‘nutritional punch’ such as berries or broccoli," explains Dr. Shulman. "They are extremely high in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and are typically low in calories. Superfoods also provide protection against a number of disease processes and tend to promote a healthier lifestyle." As a rule, the more superfoods we can pack into our daily nutrition, the healthier we’ll be on the inside and out. Simply put, superfoods are like the mecca of internal health and external beauty.

Skin care tips: Nutrition for clear, healthy skin
Dr. Joey recommends low fat yogurt, mangos and spinach to stay blemish-free: "They contain vitamin A which acts as an anti-oxidant in the body and prevents cellular damage and premature aging and also have benefits for fighting acne." If you know you’re sensitive to dairy, forego the yogurt and opt for more fruits and vegetables high in this "beauty" vitamin. For persistent acne, consider supplementing with zinc at 25-50mg a day as zinc deficiencies can lead to breakouts. Also, milk thistle supplements help to detoxify the body, and can help to minimize breakouts.

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Skin care tips: What to eat for wrinkle-free skin

"Nuts, seeds and cold water fish such as salmon- essential fatty acids called omega 3 fats – are responsible for healthy cell membranes which aid in the transportation of nutrients and overall detoxification," says Dr. Shulman. "The cell membrane holds water so the healthier the membrane, the better your cells can hold in that water for plumper,
younger looking skin." Dr. Shulman also suggests daily supplementation with omega 3 capsules. "Omega 3 fish oils (from distilled fish sources) are optimal for healthy skin and there are now skin specific fish oils like Omega Glow by Genuine Health that contain anti-oxidants such as lycopene (from tomatoes) and papayas."

In addition to healthy fats for supple skin full of moisture, Dr. Shulman insists that water is of course also essential. "And if you want a ‘game changer’ when it comes to your skin, try lemon squeezed into your water daily which is a natural astringent and also contains vitamin C which helps with collagen repair."

Skin care tips: Go the extra mile with juicing and food combining
"Juicing contains a concentrated amount of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants and it truly terrific for overall health," says Dr. Shulman. "However, if it is too time consuming to juice daily, my motto is to eat colorful foods all day long – green, red, purple and orange fruits and vegetables are your best bet."

Another extra health initiative that has gained momentum is food combining. In this food philosophy, certain foods are paired together for optimal digestion and metabolism whereas other combinations are avoided as they are considered to slow digestion and impede overall health and wellness. "I feel that when attention is paid to your diet in any way, overall health improves. I have food combined in the past and find it very helpful for those who suffer from digestive disorders," says Dr. Shulman. "However, many individuals report finding it difficult to follow on a daily basis and ultimately not realistic so I do not recommend it as a general way of eating."

For radiant beauty that shines from the inside out, follow these simple skin care tips: start your day with a glass of room temperature lemon water and continue to drink water throughout the day, eat a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in an array of vibrant colours that are high in vitamin A and make sure to get in your omega 3’s via nuts, seeds and cold water fish. If your diet leaves room for improvement, consider supplementing with extra omega 3 capsules and zinc if you have stubborn acne. For ultimate health, juicing fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to load up on superfoods.

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