Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.25.50 PMManicotti at Live Organic

It has been a week since I’ve eaten anything cooked, baked, or boiled. (Read about my
raw challenge here.) It’s been hard, friends. Don’t get me wrong, raw food is delicious. Seriously! I’m eating the freshest ingredients that are full of flavour and extremely satisfying. But when you’re a full-fledged omnivore, cutting out entire food groups has it’s road bumps. Over the past week, I’ve learned a few things about going raw. Here they are: 1. I really, really, really like hot food. I just want one chicken wing. Is that too much to ask? 2. Cashews can be made into anything. Anything! 3. Raw food is pretty darn filling. Most meals are rich in healthy fats from avocados and nuts. 4. Dessert is always an option. Who knew that raw tiramisu could be better than the original? 5. I wasn’t as addicted to caffeine as I originally thought. But I am addicted to cheese. Oh, how I miss you!
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