Workout gear that will make you feel like an Olympian

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Cheer on Team Canada while you sweat it out at the gym.

You know that moment when you’ve dragged yourself to the gym, only to realize that you forgot your favourite sweat-wicking shorts and tank and have to wear the stretched tights and Frosh Week tee stashed in your bag for emergencies only? It can throw off your entire workout. Imagine that on a larger scale, say at… the OLYMPICS.

That’s why fit was top priority when Lululemon designed the uniforms for Team Canada’s beach volleyball team. For inspo, designer Clare Robertson went straight to the source – the players. “We described what we wanted in a bathing suit and how we wanted to feel,” said Heather Bansley, one of the four female athletes on the team now competing in Rio de Janeiro. “For us, our uniform is something we don’t want to be thinking about.”



After customizing the fit of the bikinis to the athletes’ bodies, Clare and her team also tested the garments in a climate chamber that simulated the sweaty Rio weather, right down to the month of the year and time of day of the matches. The tight-knit fabric of the garments was equally as important – it prevents sand from accumulating.

The collection will be available online to purchase until the end of August. And below, we’ve rounded up some other Olympic swag you’re sure to dig.


nullLululemon Game Day Top ($88), at




Lululemon Suns Out Bikini Bottoms ($68), at






Adidas Women’s COC Olympic Tank Top ($40), at




Under Armour Play Up Women’s Shorts ($29.99), at




Women’s Windbreaker ($125), at



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