The (not so) motherlode
Ever stumble across a photo of your mom in a bathing suit in the ‘70s and marvel how her toned abs managed to skip your generation. I speak from experience; I haven’t been able to fit in my mom’s Princess-Diana-inspired wedding dress – yes, she let me play with it! – since I was about 12 years old.

Now, there’s scientific proof that our generation will never be as slim as our parents. Canadian researchers compared the eating habits of people from the ‘70s and ‘80s and results suggest that 40-year-olds today have to eat less and work out harder to stay the same weight than those in the 1970s. Who put this horrific curse on us, you ask? Researchers suggest medications, pollution, time of eating, stress and even the bacteria in our gut may all play a role.

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Cavewomen were just as exhausted as we are
Looks like we can no longer blame our Snapchat addiction for the reason why nine hours of sleep is a long-abandoned dream. Apparently, our ancestors slept about 6.5 hours per night and did just fine, thank you very much. Now you have the perfect retort for your complaining insomniac co-worker.

Does drinking warm water help with digestion?
We’re serious modelizers at ELLE Canada, so when we heard that Lindsay Ellingson drinks warm water in the morning to soothe her stomach, we had to ask the experts if this technique really works. Here’s what we found out: “Warm or cold, the temperature of water you drink doesn’t matter because once you drink it, it becomes warm in the stomach regardless,” says registered dietitian Abby Langer.

Some other myths about water: drinking ice water doesn’t make you lose weight. While it does burn calories to heat up the water, it’s minimal. Also, lemon water can erode tooth enamel, says Langer. “So if you’re drinking gallons of lemon water, you might be actually damaging your teeth.” Sigh. Is nothing in this world good?

#Foodporn may be contributing to your #lovehandles

It’s the same reason why watching a Swiss Chalet commercial (yes, I said it) even after you’ve just finished dinner, will makes your tummy growl. Here’s why: when we fixate on Instagram feeds such as David Chang’s-ode-to-everything-that-is-fried-and-delicious, blood flows to the part of the brain where taste sensors hold it down. This makes us feel hungry even when we aren’t in the slightest. That makes you more likely to overeat at meals or reach for that packet of Oreos stashed at the back of your cupboard that you swore were only for emergencies.

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