The pineberry is the foodie’s answer to the off-the-shoulder top and matte lip: it’s the summer trend.


So, what is it?

The pineberry is a white strawberry with red seeds, says registered dietitian Andrea Miller. “They are actually the oldest strawberry variety. Originally strawberries were white in South America and red in North America. Spontaneous crossings between the Chilean white strawberry and the North American scarlets produced fragaria ananassa, which is the base material for all the common strawberry varieties we have today.”

What do they taste like?

Believe it or not, pineapple! “Like strawberries, pineberries are soft and juicy in texture but they are more aromatic and tart,” says Jessica Tong, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant.



White strawberries make me so happy ??? #HBFIT #ffactor ???? tastes like pure goodness

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Where can we find them?

Not in your average grocery store. Some nurseries are starting to sell these fruit, which are grown in Europe and Belize from spring to early summer. But, like a Mansur Gavriel bag, they are rare.


How do you eat them?

Like regular berries – raw, in yogurt, your smoothie and even a salad.


Just how good are they for you?

“From what I understand, their nutritional value is similar to that of strawberries. Therefore, pineberries are a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Among fruits, they are also one of the lowest in sugar content,” says Tong.


Would we classify them as superfood?

Not quite yet, say our experts. There’s just not enough information about these berries to be sure.