It’s 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning and I’m lying on the floor listening to “Marvins Room” thinking about my ex. Where am I? Drake yoga, obvi, the only place where you can happily wallow in emotional misery to the steel-drum staccato of “Find Your Love, while simultaneously sweating out all of last night’s vodka-cran calories.

Travelling yoga studio Pop Up Asana is running the hour-long vinyasa flow in the basement of the Drake Hotel (coincidentally named, there’s no relation to Drizzy) in Toronto until June 5. A Drake devotee, but novice yogi, I chose a spot near the back of the class where no one could see my shaky ovo-mudra, (hands in appropriate ovo symbol) “CN Tower” (tree pose), and “downward Drizzy.” Not that it really mattered. It’s an all-levels class, so everyone is welcome.

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Every sort of Drake fan imaginable was there. There were mother-daughter duos (it was Mother’s Day), tatted-hipsters and BFFs singing along to “Hold on We’re Going Home.” Instructor Alaina Galati led us through our flow, encouraging us to twerk away when “Started from the Bottom” boomed through the speaker.

Sadly, I didn’t reach new levels of Zen while moving through my sun salutations to “Hotline Bling.” That said, I’m the type of girl that finds traditional yoga more boring than the second season of Serial. So, at least Drizzy vinyasa gave me a good workout and kept me entertained.

So much so, by the time our “O-V-Ommmmmmm,” – a Drake-inspired prayer pose – rolled around at the end of the hour-long class, I had almost completely forgotten about all of my #BoyIssues.

Drake yoga, you really are the best I ever had.

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