Adidas Originals recently announced Canadian model and athleisure enthusiast Adrianne Ho as one of the brand’s newest ambassadors. Ho, known for her killer streetwear style and wanderlust-inducing posts on Instagram, joins an impressive cast of musicians (like Dua Lipa and Playboi Carti) and athletes (like Nick Young) in the latest chapter of its ‘Original Is Never Finished’ campaign. 

“It was just super exciting,” says the 28 year old of joining the campaign. “I’ve always been a fan of Adidas and [the slogan, original is never finished] is great because it’s so relevant no matter what kind of period you’re in. People are always improving and evolving.”

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Here are seven things we learned about Ho. 

1. She keeps it real on social media.

“For me, being original is just like really being who are. I think it’s sometimes easier [on social media] because you can kind of be who you are. It’s up to you and there’s no right or wrong. Just be true to yourself because at the end of the day we’re all original. Like there’s nobody else that’s like us.”

2. Her favourite pieces from the collection are red.

“I like the whole collection. I was wearing the red tracksuit [in the campaign]. I love bodysuits and the Cropped Hoodies too. It’s kind of cool because you can play with the sizing. If you don’t want to be full-on like, super cropped, you can get a bigger size and you can wear that as baggy-oversized top.”


Adidas 3-Stripes Bodysuit in Radiant Red ($60), at


3. She loves Drizzy as much as the rest of us. 

“It’s kind of nice because before I was like, ‘I’m from Toronto, Canada.’ Now it’s like ‘Oh yeah. The 6ix.’ I had a shoot the other day and they were like, ‘Well we’ll just play Drake. We know you like Drake.’ And they were playing all of his old songs and I’m like, ‘They’re still so good.’”

4. You’re most likely to spot her on Queen St. West. 

“I was born in North York and moved to B.C. for a few years. Then I moved back to Toronto and lived downtown in the Annex area. I visit a few times a year. I like Queen West, around Trinity Bellwoods Park. In the summer I love going there to hang out. I love Sud Forno. They have these like nutella bombolones. They’re so good.”

5. Her skincare routine is pretty natural. 

“All my products that I use on my face are or as natural as they can be. At night I take off my makeup with Burt’s Bees Makeup Remover. I usually wash my face with Dr. Bronner’s all-purpose wash and then I’ll put some oil depending on how dry my skin is. I have this thing called Vitner’s Daughter Oil and it’s all natural. I just put a little bit on my face. And in the morning I spray my skin with either like a toner or like rosewater just to freshen up. For a while I think I might have been overdoing it with the washing. So in the morning I just dry to keep it minimal.” 

6. A bold, red lip is her beauty indulgence.

“I get facials every month just because I travel so I feel like I need to like have a clean slate on my face once a month. If I’m going to indulge, I wear lipstick because I never really wear it. I’m always very natural but sometimes I do a red lip or a bright colour.” 

7. Weightlifting is her go-to workout—and she highly recommends it.

“I find that it’s made such a difference for me in the way my body feels. Before, I used to focus on cardio and I felt like it didn’t really work for me. Doing weights, I feel stronger.  Sometimes women are concerned about lifting weights because they don’t want to get too bulky, but it’s actually really good for you.”