Thanks to the geniuses in product innovation, we can now upgrade virtually every part of our beauty routine with futuristic gizmos, from laser-beaming skincare devices to automatic curling irons. But despite all the fancy tech, if you’re like us, you’re probably still hanging on to some ancient history: a manual toothbrush. People have been keeping it clean with this old-school tool (which was originally boar bristles stuck on a handle) since the 15th century, and, honestly, not much has changed – except, you know, the invention of electricity and all that.

What Makes Brüush Unique

So when we got our hands on Brüush, we were excited to take it for a whirl. The sleek new electric brush hails from Vancouver but takes inspiration from German design (hence the name, pronounced “broosh”). At $99, the cost is more accessible than you’d expect (also, ELLE Canada readers get a promo code – see below), and the auto-refills are super convenient. (With Brüush’s genius subscription plan, a three-pack of brush heads, at $24, will be delivered to you every six months.) Plus, five out of five dentists would approve: Manual toothbrushes are just okay at their job and never as meticulous as electric. Here’s what we noticed when we gave Brüush a go.

Brüush Review

For starters, we’ve never called any toothbrush “cool-looking,” but this one wins points for form as well as function. Another thing we noticed right away: It’s pretty powerful! The sonic technology means it’s capable of 31,000 brush strokes a minute, yet you don’t have to worry about gentleness: The bristles are super soft.

We also really appreciated that it has a two-minute timer (no slacking) and six modes (like “white” for ousting surface stains and “max” for a longer clean). The battery lasts for four weeks (!) on a single charge, so if you’re a bit forgetful, nbd. It’s also water-resistant, so you can take care of business right in the shower (a.k.a. efficient multitasking). The travel-friendly case is a thoughtful bonus too.

Considering all the innovation, we fully expected to feel a difference in freshness, and, yup, Brüush lived up to the buzz. Better results with less effort? That’s what we call a no-brainer.