You update your shoes and makeup bag so often it’s almost an unconscious effort, but tell us—honestly—when is that last time you refreshed your bed? As in, purchased a new pillow instead of a Prada? A new wave of online retailers are making the process significantly easier on your lifestyle (no more visiting those dated mattress stores and making inevitably awkward convo) and more affordable. Come on, sleeping beauty. You know you need this. Here, an assortment of products that have been ELLE-editor tested and approved.


The Pillows 

Listen: you deserve a better pillow, now. The beauty department had different views on which pillow they preferred.



Katherine Flemming, Health and Beauty Editor: As soon as my dehydrated cheeks face-planted into the side of this ultra cushy (but also strangely…firm?) pillow by Casper, I knew I’d found The One. The brand says it’s the pillow-in-pillow design that allows them to appease those on either side of the cloudy and firm camps—the inner chamber, which is loaded with “a billion coated fibres” to provide a liquid-like feel is the dense bit—which is then layered with clusters of feathers. Hygiene freaks will adore the pillow-in-pillow burrito design, which allows for more frequent washing of your actual pillow (let’s not get into what grows in there if you don’t, K…). I’ve also yet to feel overheated or need to do the “cool side flip” midway through le nuit, partly because the cotton construction keeps things as breathable. 


The Casper Pillow, $85 for a standard, $100 for a King,



Victoria DiPlacido, Associate Beauty Editor: The Endy Memory Foam Pillow comes filled with squares of bamboo charcoal memory foam that can be removed to create whatever height and firmness-level you desire. (Remember those giant foam pits at gyms that you jumped into as a kid? Picture those, but smaller, anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic.) Store the excess foam in the mesh pouch that’s provided. Tip: Fill the pouch with enough foam, and you have yourself a travel pillow. Brilliant. 


The Endy Memory Foam Pillow, $80 for a standard, $95 for a King,


The Tinctures 


Prior to launching aromatherapy brand Waft Aromatics, founder Erin Girard couldn’t get to sleep. “Up until that point, I had sort of lumped essential oils in with crystals and tarot cards,” says Girard of the ingredients that form her line. “But I was so desperate to find a non-addictive sleep aid that I figured it was worth a try.” After researching natural sleep remedies, the former fashion merchant for Gap created Go the Bleep to Sleep, a blend of lavender, chamomile and marjoram designed to calm the nervous system. “[It] lulled me into a deep and peaceful sleep every time,” she says. “My mind was blown.” The line has since expanded to include additional tinctures like Sunday Scaries, which includes mood-boosting mandarin orange and works best if your inability to sleep is rooted in fear or anxiety. Sweet dreams. VDP


Waft Aromatics Go the Bleep to Sleep ($29), at


2. Saje

Set the Saje aromaTime Ultrasonic Diffuser, which houses oils in separate chambers so you don’t confuse your blends. Preset time mists allow you to get energized (try the Energy Revitalizing Diffuser Blend) or wind down. Lock and load the the Tranquility Relaxing Diffuser Blend before you leave your house. The brand’s Sleep Well roll-on is also a good idea to help you wind down—and put down your phone—as you ready your bod for bed.  


Saje aromaTime Ultrasonic Diffuser ($190), at


The Supplement 

The Canadian-made Well Told Health Relaxation Booster, a whole foods-based supplement that contains organic goji berries (high in melatonin) and calming organic lemon balm. Remember to consult your doc before you try in case of any interactions. 


Well Told Health Relaxation Booster ($35), at


The Body Care  

The only thing better than waking up refreshed is waking up refreshed with smoother limbs. Enter Lush Sleepy Hand and Body Lotion. It contains lavender (known to lower blood pressure and heart rate) and sweet almond oil. The Reddit threads devoted to this “miracle” product are testament alone.


Lush Sleepy Hand and Body Lotion ($10), at


The Mattress

In a very cluttered world of mattresses, the Leesa stands out. It was designed to relieve pressure from areas of tension such as your neck and lower back, with three layers of luxe, cushy foam stacked like a double-stuffed Oreo cookie, but even more satisfying (you’ll know what we mean when you hear the alarm clock and realize that you actually slept through the entire night). The top layer two inches is well-ventilated to allow for airflow, bounce and cooling technology. The brand calls these layers “performance foam” as the overall sleeping experience is meant to translate into a better workout—and with swim star Michael Phelps and gymnast Aly Raisman as a brand ambassadors, this is a claim they’re not taking lightly. Philanthropic bonus: they’ll donate one mattress for every ten sold.


Leesa Mattress ($1040 for Queen, $1140 for King), at


The Sheets 


When it comes to thread count, which is determined by the number of threads woven together to create a square inch, higher isn’t always better. Above 500, multiple threads are braided together before they are woven. This increases the cushiness of the fabric, but also tends to make it less breathable (not good if you’re a sweaty sleeper) and more prone to loose threads. For Endy’s first foray into sheets, they chose a 480 thread count sateen weave cotton. The result: supremely soft, silky sheets. They aren’t wrinkle proof (for that, you need to treat the cotton with serious chemicals), but they are wrinkle resistant. We found that after running the sheets through the drying machine (on low-heat only—high temps can mess with the fabric) and placing on the bed, any wrinkles smoothed themselves out after a night. Highly recommend. 


The Endy Sheets ($120 and up), at



Ettitude’s new Organic Bamboo Lyocell Sheets feel like you’re being cocooned by a zillion kittens. If that’s not enough joy for you, they are also antimicrobial, moisture-wicking and thermo-regulating.   


Ettitude Organic Bamboo Lyocell Sheets in Cloud Pink ($194), at



West Elm’s Belgian Linen Sheets start off a bit scratchy, but within a few months, you’ll become adjusted to the micro-massage of the tightly-wound flax that warms you up during the winter and cools you down during sweaty summers. That might sound like witchcraft, but we’re not questioning it.



West Elm’s Belgian Linen Sheets ($323), at