Reebok spokesmodel Gigi Hadid launches her first clothing collection with the brand today. 

“Designing my first athleisure collection for @Reebok @ReebokClassics was everything I’d hoped,” wrote Hadid in an Instagram post. “Growing up, sports played such a big part in my life, and many of the lessons I learned as an athlete have been true guides for me in my personal and professional life. Today, two of my high school volleyball coaches have come across the country to NYC to help me launch this first #REEBOKxGIGI collection with a day on the court. This amazing collision of worlds is the epitome of what this collection means to me and I really hope you love wearing it in and out of the gym.” 

The fit of the collection, which features a variety of bold and geometric patterns, was inspired by Hadid’s love of volleyball. In addition to apparel, the line includes a new version of the ’90s-inspired Aztrek Double sneaker with an extra thick midsole.



Three pieces from the Gigi Hadid x Reebok collection, available at