We don’t know about you, but anytime we even think about exposing our mid section we feel the need to
de-bloat and tone. And with a season filled with adorable crop tops that pair so perfectly with our midi-skirts and denim shorts, we’re on a mission to keep our abs toned.

We enlisted the help of Eva Redpath, Nike Master Trainer and womens fitness expert., for her best tips on how to
get your abs in shape for the beach and crop tops. “Flat abs aren’t just built in the gym or studio,” advises Redpath. “Along with some of the key moves highlighted below, it’s important to consider your diet. I like to live by the 80/20 rule. I eat healthy about 80% of the time but am not willing to give up all my favourite things so allow myself to eat the things I really love 20% of the time.”

Do these five moves designed by Redpath plus cardio each week for the best results.

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Toned abs move #1: V ups

– Sit upright with knees ticked in to your chest, feet off the floor and hands in a supportive position behind you.

– Extend legs out in front of you as you lower your upper body back towards the floor.

– Crunch back in to start position and repeat.

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Toned abs move #2: Kick downs

– Lie on your back with legs straight up in the air, 90 degrees from your body.

– Keeping your legs straight, lower them as far as you can.

– Return to start position, keeping your belly button drawn in the whole time.

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0-0-0-0-crop-top-workout-2.jpgToned abs move #3: Toe touches

– Lie on your back, holding a medicine ball above your chest with arms straight and legs straight up in the air.

– Using your abs, reach towards your toes with the ball.

– Return to start position and repeat.

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Toned abs move #4: Side plank crunches

– Lying on your side with one hand directly under you shoulder and your feet stacked on top of each other, life your hips up to a level plank.

– Contract your abs to lift the hips higher.

– Lower hips back down to level plank.

– Continue lifting and lowering the hips, switching sides halfway through.

Toned abs move #5: Crazy Ivans

– Sit with knees bent and feet crossed.

– Lean back until your abs burn and hold a medicine ball outside one hip.

– Rotate through the upper body to bring the medicine ball up over the opposite shoulder, then down to the same hip, and repeat.

– Switch to the other side hallway through your time.


Need help keeping track? Redpath loves Nike’s N TC app. “The N TC app offers a four week training program which will help with achievable goals. By customizing a four week program through N TC you’re able to create a workout program that works for you, and your schedule, budget and lifestyle,” explains Redpath.


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