Headed to the Lolë White Tour in Toronto on July 28? Or simply in a monochrome state of mind? Either way, we’ve got your back. 

Read the label.
“Look for a certain thickness in fabric and avoid shiny fabrics for bottom,” says Andy Thê-Anh, Lolë’s design director, who recommends a nylon-lycra blend because its durable and the colour won’t fade. “Pair these with lightweight, sheer fabric tops. It will give you an airy and fresh look.”

Invest in proper footwear.
Resist the temptation to wear your ancient cross trainers. You want athletic-inspired shoes, not gym shoes. The ELLE Canada fashion team is currently loving suede Adidas Gazelles.

Layer like you’re in a ‘90s grunge band.
“If you don’t want to look like you were lounging around at your cottage all day, don’t wear the sweat-look from head-to-toe….Mix them up with your ready-to-wear pieces,” says Thê-Anh. His suggestion: try a three-quarter-length legging with a T-shirt and crop top or shorts and a loose top and a long cardigan.

Oversize is everything.
Think like Rihanna.  “She’ll wear massive tear-a-way pants with cropped tops. It’s all about making sure the proportions are right. If your top is oversized, make sure your pants really slim,” says ELLE Canada fashion director Juliana Schiavinatto, who also cites the singer’s Fenty X Puma collabo line as inspo (below). The same goes for shoes, she adds. “If you’re wearing something really big, the shoe shouldn’t be a Keds, for example. You need something with a thicker sole and then the balance is right and it makes your legs looks skinnier.”




 Baby steps.
If you are the type to spill coffee on yourself the moment you button up your white shirt, we understand your hesitation when it comes to wearing head-to-toe white. Thê-Anh recommends mixing in white with heather grey. Schiavinatto prefers starting with a crisp-white shoe. But remember: “the shoe it has to be perfectly clean otherwise the look doesn’t work.”