Summer slim down secret #1: Eat early
Eat within 30 minutes of waking up. This is a favourite tip of nutritionist Hailey Pomroy—and the ELLE Canada beauty department. And no, that double espresso and lemon hot water situ you’ve got going on is not going to cut it.

Summer slim down secret #2: Skip the booze
Empty calories, says just about every nutritionist under the sun, including health expert Jillian Michaels who always eschews alcohol when prepping for a photo shoot. We’re sorry!

Summer slim down secret #3: Zen out
Countless studies cite the connection between stress and elevated cortisol levels. When the stress hormone spikes in your body, it can lead to excess belly fat. And no amount of SoulCycle will rid you of that if you’re in a constant state of stress.

Summer slim down secret #4: Eat often
Keep your blood sugar stable by eating within a window that suits you, whether it’s two-four hours. And if you’re not hungry, don’t force it.

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Summer slim down secret #5: Drink up
A lack of hydration is often confused with hunger. Spike your water with fresh mint or juicy berries to make things interesting. Or a martini glass, since you’re not using those for traditional purposes anyway.

Summer slim down secret #6: Fatten up
Fats have been vilified since the early ‘90s, but things have finally swung back in the opposite direction. Your brain is composed of 70% fat, says Grain Brain author Dr. David Perlmutter. If you don’t feed it the appropriate fats—think nuts, seeds and avocados—you won’t be able to think straight. Which will make hitting the beach even more challenging. Skip highly processed sugar instead.

Summer slim down secret #7: Don’t fake it
Make like supermodel Constance Joblanski and avoid artificial flavoured items and packaged goods that claim to be low fat. “Those foods contain twice the amount of sugar,” she said, backstage at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in December.

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Summer slim down secret #8: Balance it out
You want that salted caramel whatever it is? Of course you do. You’re human! But try and balance it with another element. “Adding protein and/or fat to high carb foods slows down the absorption capability and minimizes the insulin response,” says holistic nutritionist Danielle Greco. “That way, the body won’t hold onto excess carbohydrates and store them as body fat.”

Summer slim down secret #9: Brush your bod
Dry brushing, a form of lymphatic drainage and self massage, can smooth skin, minimize cellulite, boost endorphins, boost circulation, support muscle tone and make you feel tremendously better in those Swifty-inspired high-waisted bikini bottoms.

Summer slim down secret #10: Insta inspire
Make like Karlie Kloss and look for inspiration–and hey, a place to boast your successes—on Instagram. There’s plenty of fitstars to follow, from @karliekloss to @lindseyvonn to @elliegoulding.

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