1. Make breakfast a priority
If you want to be slim and healthy you never, ever miss breakfast. Make it a nutrition powerhouse like a fruit shake with protein supplement or high-fibre oatmeal, and you’re less likely to overeat all day!

2. Before a big event, limit intake complex carboydrates a week before
Cutting out pasta, bread or potatoes, just at dinnertime, helps shed water weight for a “less puff, more buff” look.

3. Do lots of squats
They are the king of all exercises, in that they’re a multi-joint movement and work the biggest muscle group of the body.

4. Lift the heaviest weights you can once a week
To see that great definition, you have to kick your own butt once in a while. For your other weekly strength session — yes, you need at least two — you can use lighter weights.

5. Pick moves that tone several muscles at once
Do biceps curls while you do a lunge, for example. You’ll work your upper and lower body with one exercise for much-greater results.
6. Do intervals
Think: two minutes at a fast speed, then two minutes at a slow one. You will burn extra calories by keeping your body in a state of “flux.”

7. For flat abs, work your thighs
Adding lean muscle to large muscle groups like your thighs boosts metabolism and helps you melt fat off of your entire body — belly included!

8. Watch your daily caffeine intake
A lot of women guzzle coffee to squelch their appetites. But you need to be in touch with those internal cues; they tell you what to eat and when you’re full. Override them and you could end up eating more in the long run when nothing is hitting the spot, because you’ve killed the spot.

9. Drink green tea throughout the day
Not only is green tea full of antioxidants that have tons of health benefits, it also helps burn fat throughout the day by boosting your metabolism!

10. Sleep and hydration
Your body recovers and rebuilds during sleep, so give it a rest. Sounds trite, but it’s right. Staying hydrated is key to performing better and lasting longer!

About Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer Cohen — a Canadian, who has recently returned after spending 10 successful years in L.A. — is a health and wellness expert and celebrity fitness trainer. Currently, Cohen trains out of Stretch Canada in Toronto, and is the Fitness Director at the Yorkville Club (downtown and uptown.)