Whether you’re turning heads in a daring string bikini or wearing a sexy skirt to the office, you want to look trim this spring and summer. ELLE Canada found that there isn’t a miracle diet but if you follow these healthy eating tips you can get trim for summer.

1. Eat breakfast! Many out there still think that eating equals weight going to places you don’t want it to (think hips, tummy, derriere). But having breakfast will actually jump start your metabolism in the morning meaning you will burn the food you put in more efficiently. “Breakfast eaters tend not to overeat throughout the day and evening because their blood sugar is stabilized,” explains Lynn Weaver a Toronto-based Registered Dietitian. Try healthy breakfast cereals with whole grains and milk and pass on the pastries.

2. Fibre is your friend! Sure fibre may not look all that enticing when in cereal form, you may even shy away from the bran muffin, but you can get fibre in many other ways that are a lot more tasty and satisfying. And fibre is something you are going to want to fill up on explains Weaver. “Fibre makes you digest food slower. This is a benefit because you feel full longer.” (Adios mid-afternoon cravings!) Eating fruits and vegetables that are high in fibre will do the trick (think apples, pears and dark greens). Plus snack on nuts or dried fruits since both pack a punch of filling fibre.

3. Eat your fruits and veggies! Sounds simple and we’ve heard it a million times before, but increasing your intake of fruits and veggies will help you maintain and loose weight. “Increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits can make you feel fuller because they contain less calories than other foods,” says Weaver. “As a result, you eat less.” Most Canadian women don’t meet their daily requirements of 7-10 servings of fruits or vegetables, so dish up!

4. Learn these words — Pro-biotic cultures. Yogurt is a prime example today of a food that contains pro-biotic cultures. The culture is a wonder that contains bacteria that is beneficial to the digestive system. Keeping a well-balanced and healthy digestive system is one way to help reduce ups and downs in eating habits. “Make sure to choose the low-fat version of pro-biotic yogurt,” says Weaver to cut down on fat intake.

5. Get fishy! When looking to maintain a healthy diet, you should be looking at lean proteins to include in it. This of course includes chicken, but also lean fish. Fish has a multitude of health benefits, from omega fatty acids, to being rich in Vitamin D to name a couple, but it is also a great substitute for fattier forms of everyday protein like such as beef. Try serving up a salmon steak with dark greens or a salad for dinner.

Most diets have short-term results and can be hard to follow, and despite our best efforts to find one, there isn’t a miracle food that can help us loose weight, says Weaver. But we can get beach ready by following a healthy diet and exercising. Instead of looking for the food to help you loose weight, look for the ones that won’t go straight to your hips!