If your fall/winter routine consisted of watching endless reality shows while indulging in heavy foods and sipping one too many glasses of fine merlot, the latest health trend — detoxification — may be just your ticket to a healthier, leaner you. As we spring clean our closets, so should we spring clean our bodies and a mild detox program will help give your body a chance to cleanse itself before those hot summer backyard parties begin.

Detoxification has become de rigeur for a bevy of A-lister’s like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Osbourne, but if sipping cabbage soup and litres of water isn’t exactly your idea of yummy cuisine, don’t fret. Burlington-based nutritionist Cary Galloway gives ELLECANADA.COM a simple, yet effective detox program that suits virtually every lifestyle.

Tone down: Detoxes can be very beneficial to the body in helping to rid itself from accumulated toxins, food additives, pesticides, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and a poor diet. They are also very effective in helping those that suffer from bloating, indigestion, headaches, fatigue, weight gain and low immunity.
Some detoxification programs out there are extreme and often too much for the average person to take on. They can be unpleasant and sometimes dangerous if not followed properly.

What’s next then? How can you follow a mild cleansing program that is manageable for you, and realistic with your lifestyle? Take a look at the steps below and try to follow them as best as you can. The simple task of changing just one or two things in your regular routine will help to improve your overall well being and will help to cleanse your system just in time for the summer. Not only will your body thank you, but so will your mind and spirit. Go ahead and let the change of season bring good things your way!Step 1: Drink a glass of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice ½ hour before breakfast. This helps to increase bile flow to help the liver breakdown excess fat and eliminate excess toxins.

Step 2: Add a touch of chlorophyll to your daily tea or to a glass of water in the middle of the day. Chlorophyll is a wonderful detoxifier, derived from alfalfa. It acts as an antioxidant, supporting cellular health and increasing red blood cell production; which helps to boost energy levels as well.

Step 3: Incorporate more fibre into your diet to help regulate bowel movements and eliminate excess toxins. Oat bran or ground flaxseeds on top of cereals, in applesauce or in smoothies are a great way to get more fibre!

Step 4: Start adding liver friendly foods to your diet such as beets, carrots, celery, lemons, turmeric, rosemary, cumin and curries.

Step 5: Try to eliminate or at least limit your consumption of potential allergenic foods for a period of 4-10 days. These foods include refined sugars, MSG, dairy, oranges, chocolate, soy, peanuts, yeast, caffeine, alcohol and simple starches (anything white). Wheat should also be avoided. Good alternatives include 100% rye bread, Ezekiel bread, brown rice, quinoa, barley, oats and millet.

Step 6: Finally, try to give your digestive system a break by following a 1-5 day liquid cleanse. In this time frame you can have anything you want as long as it is in liquid form, and free from simple sugars and preservatives. Good suggestions include soups (pureed), smoothies, 100% fruit and vegetables juices, and organic broths. Flax, sesame or pumpkin seed oil can also be added to smoothies or soups. Also, be sure to remember that caffeine and alcohol isn’t on the list …. disappointing, I know!

Cary Galloway, CNP, RNCP, B.Kin is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP) and also holds her designation as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. She has been working in the health field since 2001 when she obtained a degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion from Acadia University. Caring For You Inc.
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