Remember to wear your red lipstick the next time you want to stand up to the office bully. New research out of the University of Stirling in Scotland suggests that women who wear makeup are considered by other women to be dominant. Unfortunately, they also found out that these feelings are often a result of jealousy and insecurity. We are also more likely to judge a woman as promiscuous if she likes to load up on the foundation and contouring. (Thumbs down.) Men, on the other hand, tend to think of women who wear makeup as “prestigious.”

WTF? Gordon Ramsay must be beaming right now. New research suggests that a proclivity for dropping F-bombs doesn’t mean you have as limited a vocabulary as your mother had always suggested. In fact, if your conversation lean to the vulgar side, you are also most likely to be a wordsmith. Here’s how researchers tested this theory: They gave study participants two minutes to name as many words that start with a specific letter. They repeated the test asking them to name as many swear words as possible in the same time frame. Those had a larger repertoire of swear words had a larger vocab of innocuous words. Hell yeah!

Wish we had known this when we were in university… Apparently working out four hours after a study sesh can boost your ability to memorize the facts you just crammed. (This according to research from the Donders Institute in the Netherlands). Here’s the caveat: it has to be in this specific time frame– they are still figuring out why four hours is the sweet spot.