Look, sports bras aren’t like regular bras. You might be able to get away with wearing the too-small bra you bought because you liked the lace out to a bar, but a HIIT class with an ill-fitting sports bra is a punishment no one should endure. Nike gets it, and has expanded and updated their collection of bras to include more than 30 styles ranging from light to high-support in sizes 32A to 38E. 

According to a Nike EKIN (yes, that’s Nike spelled backwards; the job title reflects that EKIN’s are expected to know the brand and its products backwards and forwards) the ultimate goal is to have the bras feel invisible on the body. “We heard from our athletes that there was some chafing happening [with the Indy bra], and we didn’t want that,” says Nike master trainer Eva Redpath. With this in mind, the band on the low-impact bra was made wider and changed to a velvety taffeta material, and the straps made more minimalist. 



Nike Zip Bra. 


Also notable is the new Zip Bra, designed after Nike received feedback from women with larger cup sizes that they wanted something they didn’t have to take off overhead. The best part of the zip-front bra is an ingenious hook hidden behind the zipper that makes closing the bra exponentially easier. 

If you’re in Toronto, Nike is hosting a pop-up BraHaus at Yorkdale Mall until Sunday July 30, where you can get fitted, drink matcha tea and have temporary tats airbrushed on while your hair is braided—all complimentary. We’d be remiss if we didn’t note that the space is also very Instagram friendly. 



Nike BraHaus pop-up in Yorkdale Mall, Toronto.