Some people (runners/bootcamp attendees and people who live in L.A., here’s looking at you) are all about the outdoor summer workout. The rest of us need some coaxing to leave any blissfully air-conditioned space. As temps begin to cool down in August, it’s the ideal time to get outside and try something new. Below, we round-up the latest and greatest outdoor workout classes in Toronto for summer 2017. But if you would really rather stay indoors? We’ve got options for you, too. (Either way, don’t forget to apply sunscreen.) 

If you’re partial to spinning: 

Rosedale Club is hosting spin classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Town Square of CF Shops at Don Mills. Yes, there will likely be shoppers milling about on the outskirts of the class, but trust us, five minutes into the workout, you won’t even notice them. 

If you prefer to spin indoors (we’re not judging), SoulCycle has opened their second Toronto location in Yorkville. Keep an eye out for their themed classes—a recent selection has included Britney vs. Madonna, Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj and the Evolution of Beyoncé. 

If you’re into hot yoga:

It’s summer, so the world is your natural hot yoga studio. Physiomobility is holding outdoor yoga classes on Sundays at Don Mills. Lululemon also hosts complimentary Sunday yoga classes and running groups across Toronto (and Canada!) in addition to various workouts in The Attic, a studio space above their Queen Street store. 

If you need eardrum-popping levels of Top 40 to keep you going:

Equinox Bay Street is doing a “Summer Edition” of their Pure Strength class set to a summer-inspired playlist. Expect a 45-minute circuit that alternates between weights and body weight exercises. 

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