The invites are already pouring in; it’s that time of year again to celebrate the holiday season, but with the endless parties, after-work dinners and cozy cocktails by the fire comes the temptation to indulge; almost as great as that last time you visited Holt’s on their Now or Never Sale. This can lead to constant consuming of extra calories you wouldn’t normally have which can – and will – sabotage your weight-loss goals. What’s a social girl about town to do? Here, a breakdown of the holidays most desirable drinks and how you can work them off one glass at a time.

NOTE: Calories burned during exercise is affected by body weight, intensity of workout, conditioning level and metabolism. These exercises are based on a 130 lbs person.

1. Eggnog (store bought with no added alcohol, per 1 cup serving) 350 calories
34g carbohydrates
19g fat
Activity: Cycling on stationary bike, moderate effort: 413 calories (per hour)

2. Hot Chocolate (made with steamed milk and whipped cream, per 12oz serving)
300 calories
38g carbohydrates
16g fat
Activity: Aerobics 1 hour, low impact: 298 calories (per hour)

3. Hot Buttered Rum (made with butter, brown sugar, whipped cream and rum, 16 oz serving)
418 calories
35g carbohydrates
17g fat
Swimming laps (freestyle) light to moderate effort: 472 calories (per hour)

4. Champagne (per 1 cup serving)
182 calories
5g carbohydrates
0g fat
Activity: Weight-lifting (such as squats, bicep curls or shoulder presses; light to moderate efforts): 177 calories (per hour)

5. Martini: (2 1/2oz gin, 1/2 oz vermouth, 1 cup of ice and 1 green olive)
185 calories
1g carbohydrates
0.5g fat
Activity: Doubles tennis match, moderate intensity: 340 calories (per hour)

6. Wine (table red 5oz)
125 calories
4g carbohydrates
0g fat Wine

(table white 3.5oz)
84 calories
2.7g carbohydrates
0g fat
Activity: Boxing; punching bag work-out moderate intensity: 354 calories (per hour)Your drink defence:

1. Try alternating a glass of water in between your alcoholic beverages; it will not only reduce the amount of calories you will consume, but it will also keep you hydrated and keep you feeling full so you don’t overeat on the hors d’oeuvres.

2. Choose your beverages wisely: Consider wine and light beers as your drink of choice and opt for diet sodas to mix with your hard liquors instead of the regular variety or fruit juices, which are packed with refined sugars.

3. Set yourself a limit for each occasion! Sure, there’s nothing wrong with accepting that 3rd glass of champagne once and awhile, but try to stick to a number for each party you attend so you’re not over-indulging for weeks straight.

4. Have a snack before you hit the party circuit; nothing screams hangover more than when you drink on an empty stomach. Plus, you’re liable to eat more if you’re feeling a bit tipsy.

Tina Ceroni is an Oakville-based certified personal trainer with a background in Kinesiology and rehab as well as formally trained in the essential and advanced mat intensive program from Stott Pilates. She is the owner of her own fitness consulting firm Personal FIT. For more, please contact: [email protected]