Paradise Found Yoga Women’s Retreat: Specializing in the more spiritual form of yoga, Kundalini, this seven-day retreat will take you to your inner most soul. Focusing on meditation, breath exercises, hand positions, body locks, and eye focal points, the body directs energy to the mind letting your everyday stresses melt away (as you look out at the beautiful view of Salt Spring Island, B.C.). The added bonus at this retreat is the individual attention. There are never more than eight guests at a time, so you are ensured privacy and one-on-one time with instructors to get the most out of your retreat.

Naturopathic Retreat: Detoxify and heal your mind and soul at this British Columbia retreat. After relieving stress from the body by identifying and detoxifying unwanted toxins, the body is set to release the mind and heal the spirit through relaxation techniques in yoga and Tai Chi. The “Seven Day Miracle” package focuses on cleansing the body, loosing weight and above all healing the mind. Should your mind be more at ease after a spa treatment, you can check out their spa specials. Not only will you look and feel better about your body when you leave, but you mind will be at ease and ready to take on life.

Deerhorn Lodge: One moment in this gorgeous setting in Ontario’s Georgian Bay and you mind will begin to mellow. Check in for a three- or four-day yoga retreat during the summer that will clear your mind and body. The yoga will release tension form your body, and put your mind in a place of serenity, refocusing your mental clarity. The natural setting allows your spirit to connect with nature and your environment. You can head back to work after this weekend retreat refreshed, toned and at peace.

Dharma Fellowship Calm-abiding Retreat: The relaxing form of calm-abiding meditation at this retreat in Denman Island, B.C. is all about focusing the mind on one object of meditation. By learning to keep it fixed and erase all other thoughts (or slow the thoughts down), the mind and the spirit begin to feel more at peace. The practice (which can take several days for the mind to fully calm down since most attentions jump from thought to thought) also focuses on breathing through the abdomen region. Once the mind finally slows down and has learned to remain focused, an inner feeling of quite, peace and overall clarity in the mind subsides.

Harmony Dawn Women’s Retreat: Get you mind and body in perfect harmony at this weekend retreat. Through self-exploration in a tranquil and natural setting in Coburg, Ontario, you will discover the true healing powers of yoga on the mind. By combining movements of dance and martial arts you are able to connect your creative passion and put you mind at ease. You also get to enjoy the delicious organic menu at the retreat to help heal your body.

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