Matt Damon’s made-up diet sounds horrible

Jul 29 2016 by
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Do not try this.

Last week, actor Matt Damon hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit to promote the latest film in the Jason Bourne franchise. In response to a question about his most challenging role, Damon discussed the extremely restrictive, all-chicken breast diet he put himself on to lose weight for a role playing a heroin-addicted former solider in the 1996 movie, Courage Under Fire. Read Damon’s answer in full, below: 

“I think the most challenging role that I’ve ever had, was when I did Courage Under Fire and I had to lose all the weight that I lost on my own, that was the most physically challenging did I’ve ever had to do in my life. I weigh probably 190 pounds right now, and I weighed 139 in that movie, and that is not a natural weight for me and not a happy weight for me even when I was 25. So you know to do that I had to run about 13 miles a day which wasn’t even the hard part. The hard part was the diet, all I ate was chicken breast. It’s not like I had a chef or anything, I just made it up and did what I thought I had to do. I just made it up and that was incredibly challenging.”

Takeaway: Please do not eat only chicken. 


Categories: Health & Fitness