Lululemon Designed Leggings to Make HIIT Class Better

Oct 13 2017 by
Categories : Health & Fitness

And by better, we mean less sweaty — not easier (sorry). 

Everlux supremely quick-dry fabric is the latest innovation to come from Lululemon‘s super-secretive research and development lab, Whitespace. The material was designed wick moisture away from the skin and disperse it across the outside of the fabric for easy evaporation even in low-airflow, high-humidity and high-heat environments (i.e. every spin and HIIT class ever).

So far, the fabric is offered in three styles: the In Movement 7/8 Tight ($98), In Movement Crop ($88), and In Movement Short ($48). I wore a pair of the silky-feeling In Movement 7/8 tights through a Barry’s Bootcamp class, and can attest to their drying powers — it looked like only the top half of my body had been been through the gruelling 50-minute HIIT workout. I’m a big fan of the high-rise fit, and found that I was most comfortable in a size down from what I normally wear. Now if only they could design a fabric with some sort of energy booster in it…

Categories: Health & Fitness