Philematology n. the art or science of kissing.
Lips are primed with sensitive nerve endings that, when we kiss, spark a chemical fiesta. The euphoria of a first kiss? That’s a dopamine rush. And a smooch with a loved one boosts calming oxytocin, which fosters attachment. German scientists now claim that those who kiss their partners before going to work have fewer sick days, earn more and live longer that those who rush out the door. So, dahlings, pucker up!

Cocoa therapy
It’s sweet, it’s dark and it can stop a cough faster than a spoonful of syrup. No, it’s not a private consultation with Grey’s Anatomy’s sexy Dr. Shepherd, but just one more reason to indulge in our favourite super-food: chocolate. Researchers in the United Kingdom have discovered that eating dark chocolate is more effective at halting a persistent cough than sipping codeine-based medicine.

Smart cookie
Nearly half the Canadian’s in Durex’s 2005 Global Sex Survey said they wanted to spice up their love life. Why not limber up with Darrin Zeer’s Lover’s Yoga before attempting Edward Jaye’s tongue-in-cheek The Cookie Sutra — his gingerbread couples sample more than a baker’s dozen of sweet positions. To further tickle your fancy, sprinkle tangerine-scented Kama Sutra Honey Dust over your sweetheart and move from the Kiss that Awakens to Bending the Bow. (Kama Sutra Honey Dust $31, from ).
Read: Lover’s Yoga, Chronicle Books/Raincoast Books; $12.95 by Darrin Zeer; The Cookie Sutra, Workman Publishing/Thomas Allen & Son; $11.95 by Edward Jaye.