Mystic giver
Now Kabbalah followers can get their spiritual and physical pampering at Toronto’s Pantages Spa. The therapists begin each massage session by offering you a glass of blessed water. Next, your body is massaged with oil that has been energized — using shiatsu, reiki and sound and meditation techniques. “People always leave with a sense of well-being — like they left behind some of their worries on the massage table,” says therapist David Yacoub. $150-$190 for 90 minutes;

Art lover
No wonder Picasso was such a ladies’ man. A recent British study shows that the more creative a person is, the more sexual partners he or she is likely to have. The artists and poets studied, had, on average, between four and 10 lovers since turning 18; the non-arty types enjoyed just three. “Creative people tend to be charismatic,” says lead author Dr. Daniel Nettle of the University of Newcastle. “It could also be that they lead a bohemian lifestyle and tend to act more on sexual impulse and opportunities.” No such luck for Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele. Unlike Picasso, who died at 91, Schiele succumbed to Spanish flu at 28.Eye spy
Forget The Jerry Springer Show. There’s a classier way to make it big on TV. Using PlayStation2 technology, Sony’s new interactive fitness system, EyeToy: Kinetic, flashes your image right onto your flat-screen TV. The system then tracks and analyzes your movements, offfering instant feedback on any wild lunges or turns. If you’re not quite up for the system’s intense 12-week training program, head into EyeToy’s Zen Garden for some relaxing mind and body moves. for details.

Diamond life
Nicknamed “black diamonds,” black truffles are not just a gastronomic treat. These sought-after subterranean mushrooms contain amino acids that stimulate collagen production and promote healthy nails, skin and hair. One amino acid. cysteine, is said to assist tissues damaged by alcohol abuse and cigarette smoke — just the ticket for post-Oscar party blues. Try: Selona Signature Collection Black Diamond Truffle Whipped Body Butter ($58.37 for 118 ml) and Exfoliating Body Scrub ($52.50 for 118 ml), made with black truffles from Italy and France. Available at