Introducing the New Balance 574 Sneaker in Iconic Grey

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    Think grey and what images come to mind? Stone, steel, thunderclouds. It’s the colour of strength, determination and power. And the best part: Grey looks good on everyone. It’s a fresh, go-to neutral that works with anything, from sleek monochromatic tones to juicy pops of colour. 
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    Introducing the iconic New Balance 574 sneaker in Classic Grey ($109.99). Think of these kicks as the foundation of your wardrobe, a little black dress for your feet — always stylish, always coordinated and always comfortable. Mix them up with these three fearless looks. 

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    A fresh pair of New Balance 574 runners in Classic Grey is the perfect foundation for this athleisure look. Clean lines are key, starting with a pair of long, lean black leggings that really flatter. The contrasting oatmeal-and-white hip-length tank drapes beautifully, and features a unique back vent that shows off a pretty, strappy black crop underneath. Topped off with a modern take on the iconic hoodie in creamy white, it’s a look that's ready for action. Even if that action is just hanging out at your local independent coffee shop.
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    247 Sport Full Zip Hoodie in Arctic Fox, $119.99
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    NB Athletics Legging in Black with White, $54.99
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    Mesh Layer Tank in Sea Salt Heather, $49.99
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    Evolve Crop Top in Black, $64.99
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    A little black dress hangs in every woman's closet for a reason. It is a classic, an iconic fashion statement — in it you feel confident, independent and supremely put together. But wait, how do you give it a unique twist that shows off your rebellious side? Match your LBD with a pair of Classic Grey sneakers and a luscious sateen bomber and you have an outfit that shows you’re not afraid to break a few rules. Best part: this ensemble has urban sensibility that doesn't sacrifice comfort for style. So bring on the epic client meetings — you're ready for anything. 
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    Luxe Sateen Bomber in Moonbeam, $139.99
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    You're not about to tame your independent spirit, so show it off with a tailored twist on a classic fitness-inspired ensemble. Build a solid base with a pair of Classic Grey kicks, then mix in a unique, stylish bottom. These pants are your secret weapon for all-day ease — they're light, drapey and completely flattering. The ankle drawstrings give them a refined silhouette, and are perfect for showcasing your new sneaks. Pop a classic layered racerback tank in citrusy yellow on top and grab your go-everywhere black backpack and you have an outfit that's as comfortable in spin class as it is in a three-hour lecture. 
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    247 Sport Layered Tank in Yellow, $49.99
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    Shanti Soft Pant in Black, $99.99
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    Classic Backpack in Black, $94.99

    Go to to order these looks, and for more smart, stylish athleisure options from head to toe.
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