1. What’s your fitness motto?

It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

2. When I am feeling sluggish:

My biggest motivation is looking at how far I have come, and how far I still want to go. I look at the opportunities I have been given and know they are from hard work, and if I want more opportunities to play for Canada and be a part of a group like CIBC Team Next I better keep working.

3. Workout song that revs me up:

I am going to sound crazy, but I listen to country haha.

4. Song that helps me chill:

Yellow – Coldplay

5. How I relax:

Hot yoga.  If I don’t have access to a hot yoga class then curling up on a couch watching a comedy always works to!

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6. Best training advice:

Recovery is just as important as the actual training.

7. First thing I eat in the morning:

Green tea with either eggs or a smoothie.

8. Pre-workout fuel:

It varies depending on the time of day, and what the workout is.  But most often I will have some sort of meat or fish, with some squash, spinach, or avocado on the side.

9. Post workout snack:

I always make sure to have protein immediately after and then later on brown rice with some veggies or meat and veggies. I drink anywhere between three and four litres of water a day.

10. After a workout:

I use Olay body wash and Pure and Simple Face wash.

11. During workouts:

My hair is always pulled back into a pony tail with pro wrap as a headband.

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12. When I need some downtime:

My favourite thing to do in downtime is be outside or watching movies.

13. My biggest food indulgence:

Yogurt covered gluten free pretzels! So good!!

Nikki Todd is part of the CIBC Team Next, a program created by CIBC, lead partner at the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

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