PLAN AHEAD. “On a Sunday night, look at your week ahead and make your workouts non-negotiable. If you’re the type of person who fills your day planner with all your appointments—lunch dates, haircuts, meetings—then schedule in your workouts too. Because if it’s not a forethought, you may not get it done.”


AVOID THE ALL-OR-NOTHING TRAP. “Going hard-core for a challenge [like your high-school reunion] is great, but try to find a balance so you’re not just training for events but for every day. We always say: ‘You have a body; you are an athlete. What are you training for? Life.’”


MIX IT UP. “Diversity is important. To me, the components of a well-rounded training journey include strength training, cardio and mobility [stretching and yoga].” Editors’ note: Changing up your routine will also ensure that you don’t get bored.

This article first appeared in the February 2018 issue of ELLE Canada