Keep these 5 products in your gym bag.

Dry Shampoo 

No time to shower? Meet your new BFF: OGX Green Tea Fitness Dry Shampoo Foam ($11, at drugstores and mass-market retailers). The quick-drying formula helps absorb oil without leaving any white residue. Take small sections of hair and, using your fingers, massage in the product. Pro tip: If you follow up with hairspray, this combination creates a good texturizing spray.



Umm, do we need to explain? We love natural formulas, and now there are more than ever to choose from.


Face Wipes 

Your skin needs love post-workout too. Here, Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, a dermatologist at Bay Dermatology Centre in Toronto, shares how to get that post-workout glow: Use a micellar cleanser to cleanse skin after your workout—though wipes will work in a pinch. (If you prefer to wash your face, be sure to use tepid water, which is gentler on skin.) Follow up with mineral makeup to conceal any redness—FYI, your face gets red when you work out because your blood vessels contract in an effort to keep your core cool. If you’re particularly prone to redness, try sipping on ice water during your workout to keep the flushing down.


Bobby Pins 

Is there anything a bobby pin can’t fix? Keep a million (give or take) in your kit—you’ll need them, trust.



Scrunchies and spiral hair ties are less damaging than traditional elastics.