Devin Brugman used to need to wear three sports bras to get through a workout. (She’s a 32DDD.) “The only options were these maternity-style harness bras or slim, sexy types,” says Brugman, the co-founder of the A Bikini a Day Instagram and website. (Yes, she and bestie Natasha Oakley pose in swimwear every day; no, they are not insane.) So she designed her own bra, the “Devin,” for her Monday Active sportswear line. Here are her non-negotiables:


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We need this so our breasts stay in place and because it prevents the stretching of the Cooper’s ligaments – the connective tissue in the breasts. (Stretching = sagging.) “Eighty percent of the strength and support of the bra is in the band,” says Jenine LaFayette of Brooks Running Canada. “It’s like the foundation of a house.” (The band should be tighter than your typical bra, so you may need to go down a size.)


If the cup is wrinkling, it’s too small and can chafe. Make sure it sits smoothly over the breasts.


Run in place, squat or do your best Britney Spears impression while trying on the bra in the change room. If it’s even the slightest bit pinchy, walk away.

(Don’t) free the nipple

Sleeping in a sports bra won’t make your girls perkier (sorry), but it can reduce pre-period tenderness. “It feels better because your breasts aren’t moving around at night,” says Dr. Ruth Heisey of Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.


“Devin” Bra, Monday Active ($161), at