Who: Noreen Flanagan, Editor-in-chief

How: “I love to hike-especially if it’s a tricky path that requires me to focus on what I am doing physically; it’s one of the best ways for me to get out of my head. If I can’t hike, the other way I meditate is by studying Spanish. I know that sounds like an oxymoron-because I am entirely in my head. But, because it requires my total concentration, I don’t tend to get distracted by other thoughts. Another way to be in my head-but not fretting about my “to-do” list-is to play the piano. It requires my full concentration.”
Frequency: “Hiking… at least one a year. Spanish and piano; hmm that’s tricky. I would like to say every day, but it’s more like one a week.”

Who: Brittany Eccles, art director
How: “I take baths loaded with bubbles. I also love to stay up super late watching Netflix-I like all of the stuff my husband doesn’t watch. 90210 (the new and old) and pretty much anything produced by ABC Family or the CW.
Frequency: As much as possible

Who: Ciara Rickard, production editor
How: “I find doing a crossword calming and therapeutic (if a little nerdy, too). I get very absorbed, and it’s so satisfying when I actually finish one!”
Frequency: “Every weekday on the subway home from work, me and my pink pen shut out the world for half an hour.”

Who: Katherine Flemming, health & beauty editor
How: “I use my morning and evening walks with my two sweet pugs to free up some space in my head. It’s such a routine that my body functions on auto-pilot, giving my brain the freedom to explore. I also love my Headspace app; Andy Puddicombe’s voice is so relaxing, I might just have an addiction on my hands. Lately I’ve been trying to compartmentalize my priorities and projects; putting things on an “shelf”, as abstract as the idea is, has seemed to help with the seemingly endless list of to-dos.”
Frequency: “Twice a day, for at least 20 minutes. On super stressy days I tack on another session before entering meltdown mode.”

Who: Sarah Laing, associate features editor
How: “My morning subway ride is about 35 minutes of staring-into-the-middle-distance, alone with my thoughts time. Sounds terrifying, but with the right mix on my iPod, it’s fantastic unpacking/processing/daydreaming time.”
Frequency: “Monday to Friday, two times per day.”

Who: Victoria DiPlacido, assistant beauty editor
How: “Binge watching a series on Netflix. Focusing on President Barlett/Tyrion Lannister/Alicia Florrick’s to-do list for a while makes mine seem less decidedly less urgent.”
Frequency: “At least once a week for a good 2 hours (and more often whenever possible).”

Who: Charlotte Herrold, associate fashion editor
How: “My Monday night ballet class at Canada’s National Ballet School is a gentle but vigorous way to wake up my body and mind, helping me to transition out of “weekend mode” and ready myself for anything the week may throw at me. The intricate barre exercises have a meditative quality – and on days when if I’m feeling weary from the grind, I can close my eyes and imagine my alternate life on stage…”
Frequency: “Once per week (not counting the amount of time I spend prancing around my living room).”

Who: Elena Viltovskaia, associate art director
How: “During the warmer months I love going for a run at the park. It works like an instant ‘on’ switch for my brain. In the winter, cross country skiing does the same trick.”
Frequency: “I try to run every other day, for 20-30 minutes.”

Who: Aliyah Shamsher, features editor
How: “I make time for morning meditation sessions. I started meditating this year and it has completely changed my daily routine. Suddenly “unwinding” isn’t about watching TV or surfing the web for inspiration, but teaching my body and mind to truly relax.”
Frequency: I try for every day, which doesn’t always happen because life isn’t that perfect, but at the very least, 3-4 days a week.”

Who: Sarah Thompson, content producer
How: “I have a long commute so I like to take advantage of my alone time to listen to podcasts on the subway- they offer my brain a total chance to escape because I’m forced to concentrate on the audio flowing through my headphones. I also have a natural stress-relief herbal tea I like to sip before bed to totally turn off for the night.
Frequency: Twice a day, every day.”

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