The Program

STILETTO STRENGTH: Real fitness for real life! “The Stiletto Strength class works on your core, legs and ankles so that you can go from flip-flops to heels without the pain,” says Donna Cyrus, national group fitness director at Crunch Fitness. Cyrus co-created the program with Ann Cooley, a Radio City Rockette.

Stars who do it: Reece Witherspoon

DIY: “We do a lot of ballet movements in class,” says Cyrus. “So if you don’t have a Crunch gym nearby, you can check out your local ballet studio.” Too shy for a tutu? Tone your gams with the Aerobic Mini Stepper ($40) from

GYROMANIA: A standing version of pilates, this lengthening and strengthening class uses a weighted hula hoop (power hoop) to tone and condition. “It’s a great workout,” says Desiree Bartlett, group fitness manager at Equinox.

Stars who do it: Emmanuelle Vaugier

DIY: Get your own hoop ($46) at . Learn gyro moves with DVDs from (from $40 to $90). In Toronto, attend a gyrotronics class at Crispin (

KARDIO KATAMI: It’s a fusion of cardio and strength that is based on pilates, dance, gymnastics, yoga and martial arts. “By incorporating the Katamibar with specially designed standing and lying movements, you really work deep into your core and back muscles,” explains Cyrus. “It’s an amazing program.”

Stars who do it: Drew Barrymore

DIY: Be a Katami master with the starter kit ($208) from . The kit includes a bar, a Katamibar, a ball, plus five video workouts. Soon you’ll be high-kicking like one of Charlie’s Angels.

BOARDING: You don’t have to be a surger girl to master these moves. Place each foot on a Gliding disc (like a small Frisbee) and simulate movements of surfing and rollerblading. “In Boarding classes, you use your own body weightl it’s a great way to train inner and outer thighs.”

Stars who do it:
Cameron Diaz

DIY: Climb on-board at ($20 for discs). Follow the Glide into your Jeans program and drop a size in just 10 days. Get this DVD ($38) at .

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