Sexting goes viral
Everybody is doing it, according to new researched presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention. A survey of 870 participants aged 18 to – brace yourselves – 82, found that 80 percent of people sent explicit messages on their phones in the past year. Here’s where it gets interesting: according to researchers, people who sexted more reported greater sexual satisfaction, especially for those in a relationship. Get out your phones!

We’ve got chills
That breezy Topshop summer dress that looked so cute while you were walking to work becomes your enemy once you’re inside your 9-5: this is the crux of air-conditioned Canadian summers. Now, you can blame your male co-workers. A study from the University of Maastricht Medical Center in the Netherlands found that most offices regulate temperature based on the metabolic rate of a 155-pound, 40-year-old man. The ideal temperature for women is about 5 degrees Fahrenheit warmer because of our slower metabolisms. Given that women make up 47.3 per cent of the Canadian workforce, we’re hoping things heat up soon!

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Worth its salt

The restorative feeling you get after lounging near the ocean isn’t because of all those strawberry margaritas you downed; it’s from breathing in the salty sea air. This is the concept behind salt therapy, a centuries-old tradition purported to have health benefits such as reducing the occurrence and symptoms of infections, allergies and asthma. (Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that can help break down bacteria and micro-organisms, which exit the body through exhaling or coughing.) Combining the therapy with yoga is a natural fit given that the practice also focuses on deep breathing. Classes are typically held in man-made salt caves where an atomizer pumps in invisible salt particles. Prefer to spa? Try the soothing and circulation-boosting Eucalyptus Salt Scrub at the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver.

The next big thing

FATwater is the latest jacked-up hydrator to hit stores. With 20 calories and two grams of fat, it’s been touted as an alternative to sugary energy drinks. According to creator, David Asprey, the man behind the Bulletproof butter coffee craze, the beverage (which incudes a type of triglyceride taken from coconut oil), is more hydrating than regular water, though the claims have not been tested.
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