Juicy fruit
Packed with antioxidants vitamin C and lycopene, a ruby-red Florida grapefruit is more than a healthy start to the day. Researchers at Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation claim that the scent of grapefruit on a woman’s skin can make her appear up to six years younger to men. Sadly, when male testers were spritzed with the juice, the same didn’t apply.

Try: Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne ($118 for 100 mL, www.jomalone.com); Burts Bees Pink Grapefruit Complexion Mist ($19.99,www.burtsbees.ca).

Love all
Great for stamina, strength and coordination, tennis is also a mental workout. “You learn to react quickly — on and off of the court,” says Stephanie Dubois, 19, seven-time National Junior Champion. “I first started playing tennis at five, with my family in Laval, Que.” Dubois now trains six days a week, concentrating on cardio, weights, footwork and flexibility. “I feel more confident when I’m in shape,” she says.

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Colour me red
In the world of tea, red is the new black. Naturally caffeine-free, South African rooibos is a beautiful red-brown colour and has a fruity, slightly nutty taste; its leaves and stems are harvested between January and March. This low-tannin beverage contains aspalathin, which, like all antioxidants, fights free radicals. South African women use it to soothe colicky babies and digestive upsets. Anyone for tea?

Try: Jones Organic Rooibos teas ($1.99 each).

On the ball
Does your mind wander mid-meeting? If so, it’s time to take up meditation. Using MRI technology, researchers in Massachusetts discovered that meditating for at least 40 minutes a day slows down age-related deterioriation in the part of the brain that deals with perception and attentiveness. Not only are mediators more alert but they suffer less from stress. And there’s good news for wannabe circus clowns — jugglers experience the same benefits!

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