I don’t have the time

Ask yourself: How much time do I spend at H&M or watching Grey’s? Sure, everyone leads a busy life, but you don’t have to book marathon sessions at the gym to reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Consider breaking up your workout into intervals throughout the day. So, start your morning with a brisk 10-minute walk; avoid the escalators at the office whenever possible by taking the stairs; go for a bike ride after dinner. Exercise doesn’t have to follow a formal protocol.  Follow a “moving more” mantra by incorporating these small changes into your daily routine and you’re well on your way to a healthier you.

I’m too tired

The cure for exhaustion? More exercise. Research has suggested that the more sedentary you are, the more tired you are going to feel. By adding moderate levels of exercise into your day, you are actually boosting your energy levels and vitality. Reserve the couch chill time for after your workout. You will have deserved it then.Check out our anti-fatigue diet for more tips!

I can’t afford a gym membership

Since when did booking a spin class become dependant on getting that pedi at the gym spa afterwards? Luxury gyms are, well, luxurious, but don’t forget why you are there in the first place: To work. There are plenty of gym facilities that are cheap and cheerful, yet still provide all the necessary equipment to get going; but if the budget is really tight (and we’ve all been there), buy resistance bands to use at home (available at Sporting Life; www.sportinglife.ca). They’re inexpensive, and better yet, they work virtually every muscle group in your body. One of the best all-over training tools is a skipping rope, which is equally as financially friendly. The investment lies in your shoes: running, cross-training, or otherwise. The rest is up to you.

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I hate exercise

Bikram yoga not for you? Why force it? It may not be the exercise itself you hate, but the routine. The only way to find out what fitness plan works for you is to initially try everything: Aerobics, Thai-boxing, swimming, ballet… see which one motivates you the most. Don’t make exercise the dreadful part of your day; use it as “me time” or an opportunity to catch up with your friends. Set fitness goals, like tackling your local 5km race, or doing two spin classes back-to-back. By making fitness a priority in your schedule, you are most likely to stick with it.

I’m not seeing results fast enough

The scale isn’t moving and your skinny jeans aren’t making you look skinnier. Here’s the truth: Noticing changes in your physical appearance takes time; up to 12 weeks for some.

There is no overnight pill to pop, nor any exercise that can specifically target a 5-pound muffin top drop. Stay the course, be consistent with your exercise program and you will see results.

Tina Ceroni is an Oakville-based certified personal trainer and owner
of the fitness consulting firm PersonalFIT ([email protected]).

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