Fats used to be a diet faux pas, but the good kinds are now the FROW of any meal. Enter FATwater, a 20-calorie energy drink. Invisible particles of a type of fat—in science-speak, medium-chain triglycerides­—mixed into water give the body pep, says creator Dave Asprey, who also founded butter- and fat-rich Bulletproof Coffee.

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The reason: This type of fat hits the express lane to the liver, where it converts to energy. However, Laura Vermander, registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Canada, says that this energy source, known as ketones, is an inferior alternative to glucose and only used when there’s not enough glucose in the body.

We tried it: The flavour is strong but not discouragingly so; just try not to think about the bobbing fat particles ($5, at bulletproof.com as of January 2016).

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