Health and Beauty editor Katherine Flemming, who is about to have her second child, highlights the baby items she couldn’t live without the first time around. See below for the full list of products and their availability. 

Featured items: 

Enamour Diaper Rash Balm ($24,
Consonant Health Baby Body Lotion ($27,
Bambino Mio Swim Diapers ($12,
LoveFresh Baby Sun Stick ($15,
The Honest Company City Backpack ($190,
SollyBaby Wraps ($80,
Snoo by Happiest Baby, $1245 CND,
Over Covers ($50,
The Pieces Play Mats ($159,
Leander Matty Changer ($179,
Lorena Canals Rugs ($240,
Dairy Fairy Nursing Bras in Rose ($34) and Ayla ($54,
Beaba BabyCook in Rose Gold ($220,
Doddle & Co The Pop Pacifiers ($10,
BK718 Backpack ($78,
Stokke Xplory Athleisure Stroller ($1,1,29,
Dock a Tot ($299,
Masala Bib & Burp Cloth Set ($26,
Ollie Swaddle ($59,

Video by Benjamin Reyes. Produced by Katherine Flemming. Shot in the ELLE Canada Closet.